Monday, May 30, 2011

Cartoon Commentary on Bikinis and Burkas

This is what I love about art- it comes in so many different forms, and each one has the ability to make you think. Here, Evans makes an interesting point about the different faces of patriarchy... and I'm still thinking about it, even though I saw this cartoon at least a week ago.

It reminds me that feminism is not limited to our own little community bubble- although communities are very important to work with. Feminism is not dead in the western world. There's still so much we need to improve in our own community. But we also need to remember that there's more to the world than the U.S.A. And the rest of the world is just as deserving of equality and basic human rights as we are. However, in the quest for feminism, we can't try to force anything on another culture. So when we enter into a conversation with another culture about human rights (or anything for that matter) we must go into that conversation understanding the other culture and respecting their right to be different. It is only through a respectful and informed conversation that the oppertunity for progress (for both sides) can be made.


  1. The cartoonist misses the point IMO. The difference between those two women is NOT what they're wearing. The difference is what will happen to them if they decide not to wear that any more.